Maidenhead Beer & Cider Festival

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


Here is the 2022 Cask beer list. Available as an Excel download. Cask Beer List V2,

Here is the 2022 Keg beer list. Available as an Excel download. Craft Keg Beer List,


Another year and another opportunity to tempt and tickle your taste buds with a selection of beers, many of which we believe you are unlikely to find in the local pubs. There’s a wide range of styles and strengths for you to enjoy, and we encourage you to explore the list and try something different (at least once).

This year we are excited to have our craft keg bar again. Many, especially younger, brewers are experimenting with this method of dispense and using it as a platform to introduce different styles and recipes for British drinkers. Some borrow from continental brewing traditions and create their take on Gose, Saison, Berliner Weisse and Lager, to name a few. Others are just going bonkers and adding ingredients that challenge tastes and attitudes. All are beer (yes, really); and all are worth a try.

As well as the traditional gravity dispense from casks, there are both Keykeg – where the beer is dispensed using air pressure, which doesn’t come into contact with the liquid – and Keg – where the beer is dispensed with the aid of CO2. If you want to experience what difference these serving methods might, or might not, make to your enjoyment of the beer (personal taste aside),

There is only one Cask, Keykeg or Keg of each of the beers listed; Apologies if the beer you want is not available, it will be because it has already been drunk, but hopefully you will find something else to satisfy your thirst.

This programme goes to print ahead of the beer delivery and there’s always the risk that a few last-minute changes will occur. Please refer to the cask-end labels for what is available. These labels will also indicate if a beer is suitable for vegans, vegetarians or is gluten-free.

Allergen information for each beer is held at the bar and please do ask the volunteer serving staff if you have any questions or concerns.

We sincerely hope you enjoy drinking the beers as much as we have enjoyed compiling the selection.


Nick Wooldridge Cask Beer Ordering Manager & Dave Haywood Craft Keg Ordering Manager.